College & Community Fellowship: For Women Moving Beyond Limitation Through College Education

Education, Kinship, Leadership. 
At College & Community Fellowship (CCF) we help formerly incarcerated women earn their college degrees. We are an organization of educators, social workers, policy changers, and former students working together to help our students succeed in college, career, family, and life.

Our Mission is to eliminate individual and structural barriers to higher education, economic security, long term stability, and civic participation for women who have criminal convictions (including those currently and formerly incarcerated) and their families.

We offer:

Scholarship programs and other financial assistance

• Professional and college counseling

Mentorships and a network of like-minded women

• Social and support services

Kim’s Story

After Kim’s release from Albion Correctional Facility in 2002, Kim worked as a Nurse’s Aide to support herself. One day, a counselor asked Kim “What do you want to be when you grow up?” “A nurse!” Kim replied without hesitation. This conversation would change Kim’s life.

After meeting with the counselor, Kim remembered hearing about an organization that would help her finish college: College and Community Fellowship (CCF). Excited and motivated, Kim called CCF to schedule an appointment—even though she had little support from her friends and family, who discouraged her by insisting that her prison record would prevent her from becoming a nurse.

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