“College and Community Fellowship’s mentoring program utilizes a peer mentor model; our mentors have obtained their higher education degrees and have been successful in their own transitions back into society, providing guidance and inspiration to our students just beginning their reentry journeys.”

– Warwick Williams, Associate Director of Mentoring Services

The College and Community Fellowship Adult Mentoring and Transitional Services Program  is a high quality mentoring program funded by the Department of Justice which focuses on providing women leaving New York State  correctional facilities educational, emotional and supportive services to promote effective and successful reentry.

The program utilizes best practice strategies to intensively train peer mentors for the role of steady non-judgmental listener; able to effectively engage participants and make available resources addressing women’s unique issues when coming home from incarceration.

The goal: mentors will work with justice involved women to help them pursue and realize their goal of enrolling, entering and completing higher education degrees.  Individuals with a college degree or higher recidivate at a low 5.6% within their first three years home, while those without a degree return to incarceration at a 66% rate within the same time period.   Educational access with supportive guidance for the justice involved enhances the person, their family and everyone’s society.

Current Mentors: 

Follow this link to the Mentor Log Form Page which needs to be completed and submitted by the last calendar day of each month.  Please input all calls placed to mentees, meetings held with mentees and what was addressed during those engagements. Once submitted, the logs will be reviewed by the Associate Director and monthly stipends provided to mentors. 

If there are any questions, please email Warwick Williams, LMSW at  Thanks to everyone for their commitment to improving the lives of others.