Investing in Diverse Potential
THRIVE is a technical assistance program that utilizes evidence-based practices, and core CCF procedures, to support the successful integration of people affected by criminal justice-involvement. 

THRIVE is designed to help various agencies who work with these citizens to strengthen their service delivery, and for companies interested in enhancing their knowledge regarding this viable, under-utilized labor force within our society.

CCF’s organizational practices are widely recognized as effective for serving formerly incarcerated individuals looking to pursue higher education. Our organizational practices, and support services consist of a combination of evidence-based practices and well-regarded theories. 

These components are what aided in our organization’s 17-year success, inadvertently making CCF attractive to: academic institutions, community-based organizations, and city and state agencies. In order to increase growing demand, CCF sought funding from the ECMC Foundation to launch a technical assistance pilot in 2016 called the College Achievement in Reentry Technical Assistance Training Project (CARTAP). CARTAP provided training and coaching to a variety of sites including:

    • LaGuardia Community College
    • North Carolina Department of Public Safety (corrections program officials, local reentry council, and Buncombe County Probation Department)
    • Graduate!Philadelphia
    • New HOUR Program for Women and Children

We chose the title “THRIVE” because of the impact it embodies. We do not just help our students obtain college degrees, we help them thrive through the programs and supports we offer, and our overall service delivery tailored to each student’s needs and goals. 

If you have any questions about the technical assistance program please contact CCF’s Associate Director of Technical Assistance Lettisha Boyd at