Are you a CCF Alumnae?

“We’ve found that even after students get some college credits they still need individual services. These are often the most vulnerable years and this is where CCF comes in and stays to help.”   
—Maria Santangelo, Director of Programs

We can’t say it enough – Congratulations on completing your degree! You represent the work, the hopes and the pride of CCF.

Make A Difference, Be A Mentor

If the help and support of CCF and our Fellows played an important role in achieving your goals, please pay it forward by sharing your experiences with current and future CCF Fellows. The best support comes from those who’ve been there and know that the obstacles can be conquered. Please, contact CCF staff about becoming a mentor or helping with current CCF initiatives.

Alumnae Association

A group of CCF alumnae recently formed an association to help with organizational sustainability and to serve as mentors to our current clients and Fellows.  More information about the CCF Alumnae Association will be coming soon.

Programs and Services for CCF Alumnae

    • Job training programs are available to CCF Alumnae. Ask about programs and recommendations by contacting our main office.
    • Local and State support services remain open to you. Ask us for recommendations and referrals to helpful services near you.
    • Career counseling and more is also available by contacting us for more information.

Reminder to All CCF Alumnae: If you can help with upcoming events at CCF, please let us know by contacting the CCF offices.