I’m a Current Fellow

As the Intake Coordinator, It is extremely rewarding to witness the women on the pathway to sisterhood and fellowship. Fellowship is what happens when you have a community of like- minded college women come together in support of one another.

—Jackie Thompson, Recruitment, Intake and Support Coordinator

Welcome to our student page! As a CCF Fellow, you have already taken an important step towards a better future, however, you still have a lot of work to do and we know that can often be challenging with all the other responsibilities in your life. That’s why CCF is here to help you stay on track.

Please remember to check this website or our offices regularly for new workshops and postings. With our Financial Planning programs, Health & Wellness workshops, Support Groups and more, CCF Fellows are building vital life and career skills. We encourage our alums to participate in both learning and teaching at workshops. Enroll by contacting Maria Santangelo or Wendy Romano at the CCF office.

Resources for Future/Current Fellows:

We offer the below assistance to support you while you’re in school. Please contact your academic counselor for more information on how to apply.

Academic Support

School Supplies

Student Book


Tutor Assistance

Emergency Fund

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CCF Events

Fall 2018 Event Calendar 

Join us at our monthly events to meet with other students, mentors, community leaders, and CCF staff.

CCF events are developed with care to ensure we provide students and community members with important information, inspiring panel discussions, advocacy education, celebration, and of course a strong support network. Please remember to RSVP for events that request it, the instructions are easy to follow and it ensures that everyone is able to participate! Have you participated or worked at our student events before? We could use your help! Ask your counselor or the program staff how you can get involved.

Resources outside of CCF:

Below is a list of community-based resources to aid in finding additional support as you pursue your academic goals. Here at CCF we understand life is complicated, and knowing where to turn when you need help is the best way to ensure continued success.

Please note that this not a complete comprehensive list, but a starting point to help address your needs. If you need assistance in the referral process, please feel free to contact your Academic Counselor.


Food Pantry

Substance & Alcohol Support

Mental Health

Domestic Violence/IPV



Commonly Asked Questions

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Can I refer a friend or relative to the CCF program?

Yes, you can. Many of our fellows find our program through word of mouth. If you know a formerly incarcerated woman that has, at minimum, a GED/HS diploma and is interested in going to college tell her to contact our Recruitment, Intake, Support Coordinator, Jacqueline Thompson, directly at 646-680-7770 to see if our program is a good fit for her.

I need to contact the CCF program staff, who should I call?

You can contact Wendy Romano, Program Assistant, at 646-380-7778. She will be happy to direct you to the right staff member.

I want to be involved with Theater for Social Change, how can I join?

Auditions for new members are held throughout the year. Please call Wendy Romano, Program Assistant, for more information.

I want to become a mentor for future CCF fellows, where do I start? 

Please contact the main office to find out how you can become a mentor.

I am not comfortable with my college counselor, can CCF help me?

Yes! CCF’s counselors understand the stigma of incarceration and how difficult it can be to have conversations with college counselors and professors. Many students ask us: Can I receive financial aid even though I have a felony? Can I purse a degree that requires licensing? Would my conviction prevent me from getting the license? How and when do I disclose my criminal conviction?

We are here to give you accurate information so that you can be well informed to make the right decisions. Aside from individual counseling with our Academic Counselor and Wellness Resource Coach, we offer workshops so that you can benefit from learning with other Fellows and reap the power of the Fellowship.

How can I get more support for taking care of my home/family?

Every student has different needs in her pursuit of a college degree. We can assist you to get connected to valuable community resources and provide additional
support to overcome barriers you may encounter while pursuing higher education. This includes advocating for services and providing appropriate referrals to community partners. Please contact our main office for more information.

Marisol’s Story

The first time Marisol met with a CCF counselor she was still incarcerated. On May 22, 2009, she left Bayview Correctional Facility with a heart full of hope, an associate’s degree and a plan to continue her path to higher education. To this day her determination and perseverance have not wavered.

One month and 2 days after being released, Marisol was at CCF’s office filling out her City University of New York (CUNY) transfer application and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

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