Liza K. Eaton

Liza Eaton is the Director of On Air Talent Development and Recruitment at NBC News. Since 2010, Liza has recruited reporters, anchors, contributors and analysts to both NBC and MSNBC. Most recently, Liza’s work centers on managing the primary News Political Analysts for this past election cycle, and she continues to manage the analysts for all breaking news events. Liza also manages an early career initiative called the News Associates Program, which brings producers to the Network and MSNBC to launch their careers. Prior to her time at NBC, Liza worked at Citigroup in Capital Markets Recruiting Department. She graduated Cum Laude from Barnard with a B.A, in English in 2007. Liza also holds an M.A. in Irish Literature from Trinity College Dublin. Her interdisciplinary thesis “Food for Every Mind: Education Reform in Northern Ireland 1947-1972” earned a distinction.