Our Donors

“Education is less expensive than incarceration and is the answer to many problems in society today.” — Debbie Meyer, Board Member

College and Community Fellowship’s programs are made possible by donations of all sizes. We are eternally grateful for the generous support of our community! A special thanks goes out to our major institutional and individual donors:

Institutional Donors: 

ECMC Foundation

Ford Foundation

United States Department of Justice, Second Chance Act

New York Community Trust

Open Society Foundation

Roy and Patricia Disney Family Foundation 

Trinity Wall Street Grants Program

Wellspring Advisors

Baskin Family Foundation

Communities of Color Nonprofit Stabilization Fund

David Rockefeller Fund

Hearst Foundation

Kohlberg Foundation

Laughing Gull Foundation

New York Women’s Foundation

NoVo Foundation

Open Philanthropy

Sills Family Foundation

Tow Foundation

Van Ameringen Foundation

Harry Joe Brown, Jr. Foundation

Edna Wardlaw Charitable Trust

HAND Foundation

Levy, Holm, Pellegrino, & Drath

Manhattan Borough President 

Henry E. Niles Foundation


Venable Foundation

Vera Institute for Justice

Vogler Foundation 

Promo Direct

Individual Donors:

Barbara Martinsons, CCF Board Member

Peter Bakstansky, CCF Board Member

Charles Brainard

Jacqueline Chu, CCF Board Member

Julie Fisher Cummings

Marie Hoguet, CCF Board Member

Jacki Kelly, CCF Board Member

Sue Kaplan

Max Kenner

Piper Kerman

Chauncey Parker

Dallas Pell, CCF Board Member

Norman Pessin

Phyllis and Orlando Rodriguez

Elizabeth Sackler

Anthony Smith, CCF Board Member

David Solomon

Bridget Williams, CCF Board Member

Richard Adelman

Irene Branche, CCF Board Member

Debbie Breckenridge

John Cooney

Brenda Dann-Messier

Annabel Davis-Goff

Catherine Filloux

Linda Genereux

Greg Gunn & Lisette Nieves

Yolanda Johnson-Peterkin, CCF Board Member

Stu Loeser

Paul Manson

Latoya Phillip

Felicia Reback

Cheryl Wilkins, CCF Board Member

Adam Aronson

Jody & Eric Steinhardt


And of course, we thank our Board of Directors for all of your support. We could not do what we do without you.