What We Do

The transition from criminal conviction and/or prison to full acceptance in the community requires profound personal transformation of mind and will. CCF envelops women in support services that help them re-build their sense of self-worth and develop leadership skills while they complete their higher education.

Ours is a community of women that envisions life beyond criminal conviction and shares the determination that higher education, not past convictions, will define their future. The pathway to fellowship at CCF includes three program components:

Pathway Model

    • Intake: Get to know CCF. Assigned to Academic Counselor.
    • Future Fellow: Accepted to college. Enrollment in college. Successfully completes one semester of school while a CCF Fellow (GPA of at least 2.5). Accrues 12 college credits. Becomes eligible to apply for Academic Support Scholarship. Works actively with CCF counselors.
    • Fellow: College graduation. Eligible to apply for Academic Support Scholarships.

Future Fellow Classification (Click to Expand)

When women enter the CCF program they are called Future Fellows until they enroll in college and complete 12 credits with a strong GPA; 2.5 or better for undergraduate degree seekers and 3.0 or better for graduate degree seekers. Future Fellows are women working on applying to and enrolling in college and have spent at least one semester in school while with CCF. They have maintained at least a 2.5 GPA, and are on their way to declaring a major. CCF Staff roles are critical with Future Fellows as they help them balance their current obligations with college life by meeting with them regularly to keep them organized and motivated to ensure success.

Fellow Classification (Click to Expand)

Fellows are currently in school with more than 12 credits, in good academic standing and are actively engaged in CCF’s activities. Fellows have the opportunity to become mentors to future fellows and help to maintain a circle of caring and commitment.

Alumni Classification (Click to Expand)

Once students graduate, they become members of the CCF Alumni community, which continues to grow. Alumni are a resource for students for mentoring and support.

Being a Fellow at CCF means taking part in an array of programs and services. CCF programs and services are designed to support students through the Fellowship.  If students have any specific questions about each program, they should contact their Academic Counselor.  Take a look at what we do at CCF with a tour of our Academic Program and Our Support Services.

Denise’s Story

Denise dropped out of school at age 16 (9th grade) and started using and selling drugs. As a result of her addiction, Denise was convicted of a string of misdemeanors and felonies and served several jail and prison terms. High risk activities associated with drug addiction took their toll and Denise learned that she was HIV positive.

Devastated by this news, Denise determined that she would fight for her health and conquer her addiction. By the time Denise was released prison for the last time, she had confronted the issues that drove her to addiction and has remained drug free since 1993. Upon her release from prison, Denise found out quickly that she would face many challenges in the years to come.

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