Why CCF Works

“Public safety is a natural outgrowth of an educated population, but it should not be the motivation for providing people with education. Education is a worthy goal on its own merits.”
– Vivian Nixon, Executive Director

CCF is a community of women who share the determination that higher education, and not past convictions, will define our futures.  Our approach succeeds because:

  • We are Focused on Women – CCF provides academic counseling and other support services needed specifically by women for the course of a client’s entire education (until they earn, at minimum, an associate’s degree) and as an alumna. This approach dramatically increases the likelihood that they will be able to earn a living wage and sustain themselves and their families. [Link to What We Do]
  • Fellowship & Community – Fellows and future fellows are joining an empowering and supportive community of women who have similar experiences and who serve as positive connectors to services, resources, and opportunities for one another.
  • Holistic Services – Our services go beyond admissions and financial aid counseling; we offers the services each participant needs to succeed in college and beyond. [link to Policy Work/Direct Services]
  • Activism & Leadership – CCF founded and supports the EIO Coalition with an understanding that direct service and policy work influence each other. [Link to Policy Work/Direct Services]

Our students and alumnae know that the entire CCF organization stands behind them as they move beyond the stigma of criminal conviction and into a fully enriched life in the community.

Leslie’s Story

With unwavering support from CCF, Leslie transformed herself from a young woman without a plan for the future into a confident, wise, and mature individual with clear goals, unlimited talents, and a promising future. Her story embodies what CCF has always known: education works.

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